This is the website of the provincial group known as The League of Ontario Foster Families (LOFF). The group was formed in late 2008 as a grassroots organization that was interested in lobbying on behalf of people who provide foster care services for our public child welfare agencies. We were and are a group that is not represented provincially by any other board. The approach we take in developing and responding to issues of concern, is an inclusive process that allows the voices of all of our members to be heard and welcomed. We do not sell cook books or oil changes, and any funds we do raise get plowed right back into training and meeting opportunities for you. We are the dedicated voice for foster parents in Ontario, advocating for you where and when it matters, respectfully and with the issues that confront you as our main concern. We have been growing a little bit recently, and we are thrilled to have new members from Bruce/Grey counties, welcome guys, thanks for joining us.